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Artist Lecture: Matt Ziemke

Nebraska-based artist, Matt Ziemke, will be joining us for a lecture about his current work at 10AM on October 4th in the ceramics studio. Matt received his MFA in 2011 from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. He has exhibited widely in the United States and served as a Visiting Artist in Ceramics and Adjunct Instructor at Indiana University Southeast in New Albany after serving as a resident artist at The Clay Studio of Philadelphia. Currently, he works at the University of Nebraska, Kearny, where his wife, Mallory Wetherell also teaches. 

Matt states about his work, "Mapping and land mass are direct inspirations for the forms I am making. I am intrigued by the way maps reorient and simplify an otherwise massive amount of information. However small or expansive, there is some level of distortion that occurs in this translation to a visual language. The surfaces of my work are both precise and chaotic as pattern meets the unpredictable flow of glaze. I enhance surface depth and contrast through the use of digital media and post-fire surfacing treatments. In this way, structure and form are distilled into pattern and color then rearranged to create abstract, vibrant work."