Our annual trip to Kansas City couldn't have come at a better time than this past weekend. There were a number of openings (at least 5 ceramics shows) this past week, and it seemed like people were in town from everywhere. Leslie Ferrin, Jun Kaneko, Beth Cavener, Steve Lee, Dan Anderson and many others were spotted around town and at the openings. It felt like a mini-NCECA, and confirmed once again just how great of a clay city KC really is.

The primary purpose of our trip was to visit the amazing studio shared by Meredith Host, Rain Harris and Paul Donnelly. They occupy a 9000 sqaure foot space beneath the Crane Yard Clay store and warehouse. It's an unbelievably immense space, and these three keep it humming with activity. Paul and Rain were also gracious enough to give us a gallery talk to accompany their shared exhibition at the Belger Center. It was a great couple of days. Here are just a few images of our trip to KC.


AuthorMathew McConnell