The Belger Arts Center, in collaboration with Red Star Studios and the Consulate of Mexico in Kansas City, presents a group exhibition of over 30 ceramic works by renowned contemporary Mexican artists. To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Puebla (also known as the Battle of Cinco de Mayo) in 2012, Uriarte and the University of the Americas Puebla invited recognized artists to create works in conjunction with the Uriarte Talavera tradition. Uriarte Talavera, one of the oldest producers of Mexican talavera pottery, continues this tradition using sixteenth century methods. 

Talavera is a type of majolica earthenware that’s fired at extremely high temperatures. Its origins are believed to date back to the seventh century when the Muslims conquered North Africa and moved into Europe. Majolica evolved to include influences from Chinese, Italian, Moorish and Spanish cultures. When the Spanish introduced talavera to Mexico, Mexican artisans blended these techniques with their established practices to create Mexican talavera pottery. 

 Until January 4th

AuthorMathew McConnell