Over the summer, I was lucky to have spent some time with Ben Carter while visiting the Bray. He's a fantastic potter and a wonderful person. He's also the one behind "Tales of a Red Clay Rambler," which is quickly stretching toward 40 episodes. I was pleased to have been able to sit down with Ben, as well as Peter Johnson and Mel Griffin, to discuss career paths in ceramics. I think it was a good discussion, even if you can really only scratch the surface in an hour! Take a listen, and check out some of the other great episodes Ben has recorded. Here's the episode I was in (roll over image for link): 

Episode 31: Climbing the Career Ladder 

"This week on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I am featuring a panel discussion on ceramic career paths with Mel Griffin, Mathew McConnell, and Peter Christian Johnson. The conversation starts by questioning the premise of an established career ladder in ceramics and evolves into a discussion about success, living a mobile life, and creating your own career path."


AuthorMathew McConnell