Excerpt from the interview:

SW: There’s been some talk of a ceramics resurgence or Renaissance right now. Why do you think people are moved by ceramics, by vessels?

MK: In a life filled to the brim with engagement, the emptiness contained in a vessel may have some appeal. But I actually don’t think that’s the reason for the current resurgence of ceramics. In a world communicating with two invisible digits and curated by an omniscient robot, hands-on experiences become attractive again. What could be more sensual and tactile than beards, organic gardening, and pottery?

I’m being a little cynical here, but I do think that it has something to do with the amorphous nature of clay, its inherent irregularity and softness, that makes it attractive as a revolutionary material to counteract the prevalent rigidity in art and design.

Matthias Kaiser. Cracked Slip Vase.

Matthias Kaiser. Cracked Slip Vase.

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