Takuro Kuwata's at Salon 94. From the press release, "

Salon 94 is pleased to present Dear Tea Bowl by Japanese artist, Takuro Kuwata, his second solo exhibition with the gallery. As the title suggests, the works in the show engage the viewer in the sensual manner akin to lips touching a teacup or rice bowl. Yet, Kuwata’s ceramics are earthquakes in which the glazes shatter, re-shape, melt, unravel, stick, poke and create a feeling of the artist’s geographical origins. As Jeffrey Uslip describes in his recent article in Kaleidoscope Magazine, “while not explicitly engaged with national issues of destruction, [the work] provides an aesthetic correlation to Japan’s recent natural and social disasters.”

Kuwata mixes an artificial palette of glazes with that of natural elements, presenting monumental and intimate objects. Polychromatic vessels, otherworldly mushrooming clouds, gold and silver totems and bulbous fruit like shapes people his landscapes in clay.  Here, function follows form, science meets chance, and the crude and delicate coalesce."

Source: http://www.salon94.com/exhibitions/detail/...
AuthorMathew McConnell