It's almost time! This year we have nearly 25 students that will be making the trek north to experience NCECA's 50th annual conference! It's going to be a good one. As always, UARK will have a table in the resource hall, and faculty and students will be participating in a number of exhibitions. In order to help you keep it all straight, here's a short list of UARK exhibitions and openings:

Sight Unseen
KC Convention Center, 301 W 13th St
Opening: Wednesday 5-6:45

Dodge Painting Building at KCAI, 4446 Oak St
Opening: Thursday 5-9

Chris, Raven, Lindsey, Mikayla
National Student Juried Exhibition
Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, 2012 Baltimore Ave
Opening: Thursday 6-8

Mathew and Linda
Now and Then
Kansas City Museum at Corinthian Hall, 3218 Gladstone Ave
Opening: Friday 5:30-7

Accessibility by Design
Vulpes Bastille, 1737 Locust St
Opening: Friday 6-9

Jeannie, Laura, Chris, A-Tien
Filipino Cultural Center, 9810 W 79th St. Overland Park
Opening: Saturday 2-4

The Nevica Project
Cerebra Gallery, 2011 Baltimore Ave
No opening

Sante Fe Clay Presents La Mesa
Central Exchange, 1020 Central Street
No opening

The Clay Studio (Gallery Expo)
KC Convention Center, 301 W 13th St
No opening

There will be a ton to do and see in KC. Make sure you prepare in advance and have a plan for your days. As an additional help, here's a pdf guide that I have highlighted some of the exhibitions I am most looking forward to seeing and that I would highly recommend. Download the pdf here.


AuthorMathew McConnell