Hey recent grads—looking for that next opportunity to keep you working in clay? You might check out The Clay Studio's Work Exchange Program.

"The Work Exchange Program is a 1-2 year self-directed, independent study, educational program that provides its participants with unlimited access to a shared studio, as well as, affordable materials, firings, critiques and development opportunities to help them achieve their objectives as an artist. In exchange each individual provides 40 hours a month of support and is responsible for various tasks needed to maintain a functioning ceramics studio. Tasks are varied but some examples include studio maintenance, customer service, assisting special events, glaze preparation, kiln operation, teaching, community outreach, gallery experience and sales."

More info here: http://www.theclaystudio.org/apply/workexchange.php

Source: http://www.theclaystudio.org/apply/workexc...
AuthorMathew McConnell